I have an array that I want to store in a field of a mysql db. I've got
it set as type text currently, but when I retrieve it, I can't get the
arrary to parse.

If I look at the listings in the mysql cli, it just says "Array" for
that field.

Here's my retrieval code:

$storyid = $_REQUEST['storyid'];

$db = mysql_connect("localhost", "user", "pass") or die ("Could Not
connect to db.");
mysql_select_db("storiestest", $db) or die("Could not select database.");
$query = "SELECT * FROM ADGstories WHERE (storyid='$storyid')";
$results = mysql_query($query, $db);
$num_results = mysql_num_rows($results);
for ($i=0; $i < $num_results; $i++)
        $row = mysql_fetch_array($results);
        while ($element = each($row))
                echo $element["key"];
                echo ": ";
                echo $element["value"];
                echo "<br>\n";
                $varname = $element["key"];
                $$varname = $element["value"];
        echo "<h2>$headline</h2>\n
                 <p class='byline'>$byline</p>\n";
         // just as a test, not looping through the array. Loop code not
        echo "<p class='bodycopy'>$bodycopy[0]</p>\n";

Even with the version at the end there, I get "A" echoed to the screen.

If I try a print_r($bodycopy), it says "Array".

Where did I screw up?



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