I think a good deal depends on the size of the image files themselves. There
are a number of apps that store small files (i.e.: icons, small gif's,
etc.), which seems to make sense.

Larger files may be problematic. There was quite a discussion on this issue
here just last week ... do a search of the list archive for 'blob versus
file' and read some informed opinions.

Gerald Jensen

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Subject: Storing images in MySQL bad idea, performance-wise?

I'm working on a simple content management system that uses PHP and
MySQL for updating a web site's text (stored in a MySQL database). (The
PHP scripts that do the updating (my stuf) live on one web server, the
actual DB data to be updated (my client's stuff) live on another.) So
far, I've only had to he able to update the text content of a
site--therefore, I've only had to bother to store textual data in the
client's DB. But now the client wants to be able to upload/change/delete
certain pictures on their web site--using my CMS tool--so I am faced
with the following problem:

Do I store all such images in the DB? (Which I understand reduces

Or do I--somehow--store the images as files on the client's web server?
And if so, how? (Because my PHP scripts are being executed on a
different server.)


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