I have a script which emails users from a website form,

I have just run the script and got the following in the email

A worm of many subjects \\\"The Klez\\\" worm arrives in an e-mail
message with one of 120 possible subject lines. There are 18 different
standard subject headings, including \\\"let\\

I have fixed this with stripslashes() but problem I am having is that
If a ( ' ) is used in the email and I loose what ever is after '

Running php4.1.2 apache 2.0.36
RH 7.3

My script is

$emailbody = stripslashes($_POST["body"]);
$emailbody = stripslashes($emailbody);

$emailsub = stripslashes($_POST["subject"]);
$emailsub = stripslashes($emailsub);

        $message = "To:
From: xxxxx <xxxxxxxx>
Subject: [xxxx] xxxxx - $emailsub
BCC: xxxxxxxx";
        $message .= "\n$emailbody";
        $message .= "\n

In the form I typed 

This is a "test" this is a 'test'

And what I got in the email was

This is a "test" this is a 

Has anyone a few pointers as to what I am missing...

Regards in advance

Chris Kay
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