have you closed all browser windows?

eg. if you open your browser, then spawn a new window (ctrl-n or similar)
then do something with one of them which creates session vars, then close
that window, then open a new one again, the session has probably remained
active because the first window was still open

can you provide a code sample of how you are using the session variables?
have you modified any of the expiry times etc?


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// From: Youngie [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
// Sent: Tuesday, 9 July 2002 12:42 PM
// Subject: [PHP-DB] Session data not being deleted on browser close.
// Why would my session data not be deleted after my browser is closed?
// I can set some session variables, close my browser, reopen 
// them and the old
// values are still present,
// I can verify this by seeing that the file still containts my 
// session data
// and values.
// Thanks
// John.
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