>I do have a multisite form. There are several fields on page 1 and several
>on page 2.
>Everything works fine exept of error handling. Which means if a user wants
>to go back from step 2 to one and has already filled in some data in site 2
>he will loose this data for sure. It is not possible to transport the data
>via get anymor because the text is way to long.

POST text can be very large, but your server is allowed to limit it as low
as 2K, I think.

GET data can be limited as small as 255 characters, I think.

Those limits may have increased, but the bottom line is still GET *can* have
a much lower limit.

It's up to the server to impose (or not) this limit.

>So how could this be done with post? I tryed to include a hidden text field,
>but since this must be another form (action links to page 1) I can't get the
>value of the entered data.

You'll be able to do a quick hack to fix it just using POST, but, truly,
you'll save yourself a lot of headache long-term to use:


to just keep track of the user's ID, and store all the data as they fill it
in in a 'temporary' table in your database.

Create a table with all the fields in all the forms, and call it something
like 'incomplete_applications'

Then, when the user has clicked around on all the pages and is happy, they
can submit the 'final' application.

You can then double-check all the data and make sure it's good, and then
insert it to the "real" table, and delete it from the "temp" table.

You'll need to sit down and plan this out a bit more, but you'll be much
happier with the results.

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