>I use it in front of variables (never tried it on $GLOBALS, etc though)
>eg: (using register_globals = on  thingo  - hey don't blame me, it's the
>tech guys who have it on, and there's too much legacy code to turn it off :(
>- anyway)
>  if (@$var) { echo "Yep, var is there"; } else { echo "nope"; }

The risk is in hackers using an un-initialized $var to pass in their own

If you've *correctly* programmed and caught *every* single case where that
might happen, by using isset() or even something like the above, only doing
something more useful, you're almost-for-sure okay.

register_globals off just annoys me since I *always* initialize variables,
and there's no point to me re-writing the tons of scripts for it, but that's

That said, the sheer number of non-programmers writing PHP made
register_globals on a Bad Idea (tm) really...

I guess even some good programmers could occasionally miss a variable
initialization, though I never do :-)

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