>i have something like 
>$str = "sometext sometext [emoticon01] sometext [emoticon23] sometext";
>i would like to use regex to replace those codes into:
>sometext sometext /images/emot/01.gif sometext /images/emot/23.gif sometext
>all numerics after the code "emoticon" consisted of exactly 2 digits; and they
>are in the range from emoticon01 to emoticon30.
>i have spent the whole day starring at my crt and reading manpages plus
>examples. i achieved nothing but sore eyes.
>i would GREATLY-GREATLY appreciate if someone could gimme a code snippet on how
>to this sorta thing.

You're lucky.  You don't have to strain your brain with Regex. :-)

  for ($i = 1; $i <= 30; $i++){
    $emoticon[] = '[emoticon' . sprintf("%02d", $i) . ']';
    $images[] = '/images/emot/' . sprintf("%02d", $i) . '.gif';
  $str = "sometext sometext [emoticon01] sometext [emoticon23] sometext";
  echo str_replace($emoticons, $images, $str);


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