>but I am wondering if it is at the cost of a slower page loading. The reason
>I think this is whenever I would like to display a variable I have to put in
>a script tag like <?PHP print $S_Current; ?>. I might have as many as 20 of
>these on a page. Every time doesn't PHP have to start again and parse out
>this information causing it to be really slow?

PHP is already started, and going, and reading your HTML.

It only has to notice when you have <?php and start paying a little more
attention instead of just spewing out the HTML it encounters.

The context change from HTML mode to PHP mode is a negligible, practically
un-measurable performance hit.

I switch back/forth way more than 20 times in most scripts.

Rule of Thumb:
90% of your script's time is being spent in 10% of the code.

If it's "too slow" figure out where that 90% is, and optimize that.

Actually, it's a bit more complicated than that in the web...

That 90% might all be in MySQL, or in the network congestion, or in your
messed-up reverse DNS lookup, or...

But, still, if you've narrowed the speed problem down to PHP itself, then
start figuring out where it's spending all its time *before* you change a
line of code.

If it's not "too slow" don't even worry about performance, unless you are
actually working on a site that is likely to balloon into millions of users
or whatever.

Even then -- only testing *YOUR* site, and *YOUR* set up will find the 90%

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