The only way I see this can be done is simly let every user mount a 
share under the same letter,
all you need to do then is <a 
href="file:///X:/directory/file.doc">file</a>, then locking files is up
to samba or windows server.


Richard Lynch wrote:

>>I have an intranet, which provides access to, amongst others, Word 
>>Documents about policies, etc. What the guys are looking for is a way to 
>>do the following:
>>1. Show a list of files available for editing
>>2. If a file is clicked, then it is locked for other users (no access)
>>3. The file opens on the client's machine
>>4. The client edits it
>>5. The client then closes the file, it "auto-saves" and he goes about 
>>his business.
>>Points 1 through 3 are relatively trivial. Point 4 and 5 (especially 5) 
>>have me lost.
>>How do you get a file to be edited, and then automatically returned to 
>>the server by M$ Word in it's changed format. Is this possible?
>>How would this change in a database-backended system (including the 
>>files as BLOBs)?
>They'd have to be "uploaded" *SOMEHOW*...
>If the employees can't do that "by hand", then perhaps some kind of
>"scheduled" task on the Win boxes could be programmed to do it.
>Don't forget to *UNLOCK* after a successful upload, but not when, not if,
>when, the upload fails.
>There's simply NO WAY the server can reach out and suck in a file of its own
>volitoin... Major privacy/security problem there.
>You *COULD* also install Apache + PHP on every desktop, and have them
>serving up their edited Word files to the Intranet, and then PHP could use
>HTTP to suck them back in...
>But that's probably not gonna fly for non-technical reasons.  Well, not
>counting really bad Security as a "technical" reason.

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