I am trying to use the mbstring library so I can receive user input in 
japanese and then put it into my pgsql DB. But the documentation is 
really sparse and sometimes confusing.

I can't understand some of the functions provided by mbstring or it's 
settings in php.ini. Some functions/settings don't seem to do what they 
say or the explanation of how to use them is missing.

For example I tought internal_encoding was used along with 
--enable-mbstring-enc-trans so that any input would be automatically 
converted to the internal encoding.

But it is isn't. When I check what charset POST data is in it is always 
in the charset the user used, never in the internal_encoding charset. I 
have to manually convert myself using mbstring functions.

I guess I don't understand what the settings of mbstring in php.ini and 
at compile time really do.

Can someone explain to me what is the use of:

--enable-mbstring-enc-trans at compile time



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