On Tuesday 09 July 2002 19:25, Thomas Edison Jr. wrote:
> Hi,
> Ok, let me show some code :
>   <form name=\"drama\" action=\"add2cart.php\"
> method=post target=\"blank\">
>    <input type=hidden name=sessid value= $PHPSESSID >
>    <input type=hidden name=proid value=
> $result[vProID] >
>    <input type=hidden name=proname value=
> $result[vProName] >
>    <font color=#000000 face=verdana size=2>Quantity
> <input type=\"text\" size=3 name=\"qty\"> <input
> type=\"submit\" value=\"Add To Cart\"></font>
> This is the SUBMIT button that submits the form
> alongwith the Form Variables to a file called
> "Add2Cart.php" !! But this file simply opens in an
> unadministered new window.
> i would like to use the window.open function, or
> whatever can accomplish this, to restrict parameters
> of the window in which add2cart.php opens, at the same
> time the variables of my form should get submitted
> into the add2cart.php

Attach a javascript event to the submit button such that on submit opens up a 
window with your required specs. Then set the url of that window to point to 
add2cart.php, and also attach the form values to the url.

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