I was using FastTemplates on my local machine AND on my personal server and 
it all worked well. When I am uploading the code to my client's server 
today, I get this strange warning whenever using FastTemplates:

Warning:  Invalid content of \{\} in 
/home/httpd/includes/fasttemplate.class.php on line 199

I get about 50 lines like this.
A google search shows other sites have had the same problem with FastTemplates:
But a search on the site didn't give any results.

In the code, line 199 of fasttemplate.class.php is empty, followed by the 
following code:

         function utime ()


                 $time = explode( " ", microtime());

                 $usec = (double)$time[0];

                 $sec = (double)$time[1];

                 return $sec + $usec;


I really am stuck: this didn't happen on my local machine or on my test 
server, it's happening on the client's machine now and they are expecting 
the site today and I have no idea what's wrong. We've had problems with 
permissions on their server, maybe that has something to do with it???? I'm 
no sysadmin and the sysadmin they use doesn't know much.

Any ideas on what to do?? I really need to fix this asap - help!

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