$hFile = fopen($PathToFile,'r');
    $File = fread($hFile, $SizeOfLargestImageYouHave);
    $HexVal = bin2hex($File);

This doesn't do any error checking or stripping of image headers that 
may be necessary; you'll have to use string functions (eg; substr() 
or maybe regexps) to do that.

For more info, see:



At 9:08 AM -0700 7/9/02, JSheble wrote:
>I'm using a Zebra label printer in an application I have and in 
>order to display an image on the label, according to the ZPL II 
>printer language, any image must be converted to HEX code. Does 
>anyone hvae a code snippet or know of a free utility that will take 
>a graphic image (BMP, GIF, JPG, etc...) and convert it to HEX values?

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