Alexander Ross wrote:
> If $this is an object, can I have the following link?
> <a href="process_this.php?this=$this">Process</a>
> Will the URL become too long?  Will teh info get passed correctly? thanks

99% you are right, it will definitely be too long for a GET. Besides, 
before writing the process_this.php?this=$this thing your *$this* should 
be serialized. Watch the docs for it.

Most probably you have access to some database, so you can just save 
your serialized version to a table (the type depends on the size of your 
serialized object) and just pass a pointer to the row for the process 
script to retrieve and unserialize the object back to normal life.

Just one more thing: if your object contains any reference they will 
definitely become invalid, methinks. And I would never do object 
serializing if I expected performance to be there. But this really 
depends on the nature of your object, so handle the suggestion with 
care, it's just way too generic.



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