On 9 Jul 2002 at 22:09, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> Is there any way to hide my form submitted variables (like
> passwords etc)
> in the location
> bar "http://somedomain.org/checkpassword.php?
> password=mypassword"
> or atleast show in an encypted form n the location bar.

But why bother? Certainly you would not think it secure. Use https for security, 
anything else is a mirage afaik.

There is a module in Perl that encrypts and unencrypts post/get data intended for 
hidden fields. I guess it uses a checksum as well.

I personally prefer to just create a session and keep it on the server side. 

Oh heck, but now as I read your email closer I guess you are asking how it can be done 
from a form the first time. Perhaps with javascript but then use post instead of get 
and of course make 
it via a secure connection if security is a concern.


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