Ok.. what I have is a database of first names and last names, and some other
columns that don't matter here.

A form is presented to a user, lets them enter a bunch of names, attributes
of the person, etc.

After submission, each record is checked against the current database to see
if the name currently exists, or names similar to it exist.

If so, it gives the option of either:

a) entering the new record
b) selecting one of the existing records


Enter your names, positions:
Joe Schmoe, LW
Random Guy, RW

(submit button)

After DB check for existing users:


()  Joey Schmoe   Click radio button to se this record
()  Create New Record

No matches found for Random Guy, must be a new user.

(submit button)

My problem is keeping this data consistent form by form, and updating the
data when an existing record is selected instead of creating a new one (the
existing data needs to go into another table, so I need to grab the user id
# of the existing record, etc)

Any thoughts on how to approach this?  After the first form, should I make a
multi-dimensional array, and have the second form update/change the elements
of it?  I haven't used any PHP arrays in this yet, just been messing with
the HTML form array stuff..

Sorry if this is confusing.. if any part needs clarification, please let me


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