Hi all,
 I got a problem when I use php's imap functions in rh7.3 system.
 In the php script file imaptest.php I wrote such code:
$mbox = imap_open ("{localhost:143}", $user, $password)
      or die("can't connect: ".imap_last_error()

But when I use konqueror visit it through http, the result shows:
Warning: Couldn't open stream {localhost:143} in 
/var/www/html/mail/imaptest.php on line 4
 can't connect: Certificate failure for localhost: self signed certificate: 


I found such words in the maillog:
Jul 10 10:09:43 revived imapd[1465]: imap service init from
Jul 10 10:09:43 revived imapd[1465]: Command stream end of file, while 
reading line user=??? host=UNKNOWN

I'm sure that my imap works well. Because I can use Kmail receive mails 
through my imap.

Who can help me? Thank all.
Best regard!
                                                     Xun Chen                          
白光闪耀  烟雾迷漫  黄沙满天  苍日清岚

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