Hi All,

Just wondering if some can explain this to me.

Lets assume I ahve retrieved a person entry from an LDAP server. It 
contains uid, and cn with 2 values.

I would expect the object when assign to $entry to look like.

$entry['uid'][0] = "Jsmith"
$entry['cn'][0] = "john smith"
$entry['cn'][1] = "john doe"

But if I run a each loop over the return object I find I get something like:

$entry['uid'[0] = "Jsmith"
$entry[0] = 'uid'
$entry[cn][0] = "john smith"
$entry[cn][1] = "John Doe"
$entry[1] = 'cn"

My point here is that the array being returned is not a true 
representation of the data on the LDAP server, and has extra values that 
are. not really needed, and should probably only be returned when they 
are requested.

Is there anyway to get a array withonly the ldap data, i.e. no extra info?



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