What about uploading the new data to a temporary table... once you're
assured that every thing was completed, you can delete the old and rename
the new to suit...

Simular thing could be done with copying the existing table, etc.

Justin French

on 10/07/02 3:07 PM, Thomas Edison Jr. ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Im creating a .php file that will be uploading &
> putting in data from a .csv file into mySQL Tables on
> the server. However, my problem is that if there is
> any kind of a problem during the transaction, i.e,
> system shut down, electricity problem, or any reason
> why the transaction is interrupted, i would like the
> transaction to roll back.. that is, all the records
> entered before the interruption SHOULD NOT remain in
> the database, they should get deleted or something, so
> that the transaction can begin Fresh from next time.
> How can i make such a function that will see this
> happens, in my PHP/mySQL.

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