Hi all.
I got a little carried away when discussing the past subject called *is
their a jobs mailing list?* started by Peter J.
<mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Schoenster and started building a site
like Brian McGarvie <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  suggested.
I know most of you people are very busy right now, but some of us
aren’t. Is there any of you interested in seeing it and maybe (if lucky
I am) collaborate with ideas, thoughts, comments or maybe even be a
co-founder while teaming up with me as a group for this.
Any one interested can go to http://www.icaam.com.ar/proyects/os-seek/
and see what I’ve done so far. Since I started today, the links won’t
work yet nor the map or the search engine (just the template) in order
to make the required adjustments to the look & feel of the site before
it’s too late ;)
I made it using a sort-of-self kind of template to facilitate later
changes. After I get some sleep and heard some news from all of you who
are interested, I’ll make the code available. Also, I want to make some
kind of a mailing list just for this purpose. Maybe also a development
forum inside the project’s site.
I called it os-seek.org because it is available and can change to .com
if necessary. Please feel welcome to drop some lines about this and
support it.
Thanks a lot,
 <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Cesar Aracena
Neuquen, Argentina

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