Ben Ramsey wrote:
> I've just joined this mailing list this afternoon.  Does this kind of thing
> happen often?  If so, I'm going to leave the list.

I've been on the list for about two months, and it's the first time 
*I've* seen it happen.  Usually the real morons stick to newsgroups :-).

The list really can be a valuable resource (I don't know much PHP, so I 
don't contribute often - but I read a lot of it), so I'd urge you not to 
unsubscribe.  Or, if you do unsubscribe, to wait out until Erik is 
likely to have finally worked out how to leave, then re-subscribe.

If you can't bring yourself to do this, then at least get into contact 
with Richard Lynch and John Holmes (if they're willing) - they seem to 
be the most helpful and knowledgeable contributors :o).


Mark Gallagher

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