My experience with cookies is really unhappy.
I've once developed a website that needed to store information.
I though hey cookies are the quicker option.... to hell with sessions.

Now today.... after all of my problems with the cookies environment i've
turned back to sessions.
Sessions can store a much higher amount of data... and that doesn't have to
rely on the client browser either.

I mean if i visit a site that needs to have cookies enabled... i'm pretty
stuffed.... I can't see nothing
but if the site uses sessions dam i'm organized....

If you feel you have too many problems with cookies.... refer back to
it's the best option... well that i've come down to.

"Richard Mail" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> my cookie problem is still not solved :(
> my browser settings are correct, and the script has worked.
> but sins i now installed php 4.2.1 with apache 1.3.24 it doesn't work :(
> does any one have an solution ??
> thnx in advance,
> Richard

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