I've checked out the following
Free Agent....

They seem to be very popular but don't look good and you have to used them
for a while to get to know them.
Don't get me wrong.... I've stuck with outlook just for the look...
I mean comon.... i use windows xp...  look is everything on this system atm.

Thanx for the posts.

"Vincent Kruger" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> 2nd attempt
> Rejected first request coz this message is (ot)
> What is the best news reader that there is out there on the I-net???
> Please submit your votes....
> then we can all seee.
> I'm sick of outlook express handling this news on php and all the other
> lists i'm subscribed to...
> Please Please Please
> Cheerz
> Vins
> ;)

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