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>The problem with this method is assuming the ~1 part. What if I have:
>'My Directory'        -> MYDIRE~1
>'My DirectoryForPics'  -> MYDIRE~2
>Now if your path has 'My DirectoryForPics' it's going to translate that into
>MYDIRE~1 which won't work.

Yeah, I mentioned that in my original post (see below).  I left that
particular issue as an exercise for the reader. :-)

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>One last thing.  You can't really create a function like this without
>accessing the filesystem that these files are going to be stored on.
>For example, let's say you have a file called "my resume.doc"  The DOS
>equivalent to this would be "myresu~1.doc" UNLESS there was already
>another file in the same directory that had that DOS name.  So, let's
>say there was already another file by the name of "my results.doc" in
>the directory.  Then your "my resume.doc" would be called
>"myresu~2.doc"  The function below does not account for this.

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