Yes, its:
select * from table_name where col1 like '%' and col2 like '%' and col3 
like '%';
As your default is %, then this is easy.

Its all in the mysql manual, Section String Comparison Functions.


CÚsar Aracena wrote:

>Hi all.
>I'm trying to figure out how to do a search trough a MySQL db using LIKE
>or = but the thing is that I have 3 select boxes from where to choose
>the search terms. Can I use something like a wildcard instead of making
>several IF statements like this?
>SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE col1 = value1 AND col2 = value2 AND col3
>= %
>% goes for an unselected select box (default value = %) in case the user
>doesn't want to make an *advanced* search, so it fetches all rows which
>does contains values 1 & 2.
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