I don't think you are explaining what you are after too well, so my 
understanding of it may be wrong. If you are displaying a table and want 
to display it in a different order, then its the "ORDER BY" clause in 
the database select statement that determines what order the data is 
given in.

To a more specific question but similar to this I gave an outline of 
storing results on a temporary basis in another table a couple of days 
ago. You should be able to find it in the archives.

I think it will help if you read some more on programming, particularly 
the php functions to get data from a database, sql in general, and the 
manual on the specific database you want to use.


DC wrote:

>I want to display data based on the criteria selected by the user eg click
>on size to display smallest to largest, or by price smallest to highest,
>location etc etc
>what is the code I need?

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