I am thinking of moving PHP-based web site to a new server.  In doing my due
diligence, I see that the new server has some different PHP configure

I was able to make sense of most of them by looking through the PHP web
site.  But I'm still stumped by some of them.  I'm hoping people here can
tell me what they mean:

--enable-libgcc: I found the 1-line explanation on www.php.net,
        but I'm unclear as to the implications of this option.  Can
        anyone explain?

--enable-pic: likewise.  What does this mean?

--enable-inline-optimization: ??

--with-regex=system: the online docs say this is deprecated.
        Could this cause me trouble?

--with-flex: ?

--with-png: I know what PNG is, but I don't know hat this option does.

--with-layout=GNU: I see the explanation in the docs, but I don't know
        if this has any implications for me as a PHP programmer.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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