Ya, I did it with ASP (customer requested) about 2 months ago...

"Chris Hewitt" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Craig,
> Its not PHP but HTML. I do this for a client. Make a Word document as
> needed, save it as rtf. Put a link onto my html page calling a
> particular routine. The routine reads the .rtf file, looking for
> replaceable parameters, replacing them with the customised values for
> this customer and saves the file under a new name indicating it is for
> this customer (still .rtf).
> A new page has a link to this new file. When the user clicks it, as
> their browser has the mime type for .rtf set to MS Word, Word starts up
> and opens the file.
> OK, in the application I did this in I used pl/sql (as the database was
> Oracle and there was no php) but there is no reason why you should not
> write a php routine to replace the parameters and resave the file.
> Chris
> Craig wrote:
> >I know that php can open files.
> >What I was wondering is if it can :-
> >Start Word
> >Open a Word template
> >Generate fields in the template based on hidden fields and generate the
> >

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