I'm not sure if I completely understand what you're asking, but....

It sounds like one table has user information.  The second table has a
record for each user and a field for the total number of points of each
user.  Something like this:

Users (Table 1)

Scores (Table 2)

If this isn't the case, well, you'll probably want to adjust your database
structure.  This approach allows you to do a simple SQL query like this:

select Users.*, Scores.* from Users, Scores where Users.ID = Scores.UserID
ORDER BY Scores.Points limit 5

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Subject: [PHP] sort problem

Hi guys,

I have a problem sorting values comming out of a db. It is not as easy.

Here is the prob:
One table containing user points.
Other table containing reports with rankings
For each top 10 report (the 10 reports with the most ranking) there are 20
extra points granted

Now I would like to get the top 5 members out of the db. If I only pull out
the user table ordered by points desc limit 5 I might miss a user with a top
10 report and 20 extra points.

So I thought about sorting the array afterwards with asort, but then I loose
the asoziation with the user_id.

Maybe there is a way to sort the other arrays with the same sorting algo? Or
a way to include a iff clause in the query?

currently I am doing:
FROM user
    points > 0
ORDER by points desc

and the top10 reports extra.

Has anybody a good idea on that?


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