I have written a COM object about a year ago that worked with Crystal 8 to
build real-time Reports online.  I passed all the parameters to the COM
object, the COM object then worked with Crystal's RDC to setup the report.
Then the COM returned the Report Object to me, then I  displayed the report
object using Crystal's Viewer.(They have web Viewer for all browse type.
ActiveX, Java and HTML)  The web Client was in ASP at the time, but could be
written in PHP just as easily. (In fact I am thinking of doing it, if I ever
get free time) The only problem with it was that it had to be on a Window's
Platform.  Crystal now has something call Crystal Enterprise that can work
with LINUX/UNIX now, but it is pricey and may have a lot of bugs, being it
is new too *NIX.

If you are on a Window Server, Crystal works well for a window's app.  From
my understanding the Client I wrote it for has only had two crashes in the
last year, both do the Windows Server not Crystal.

Crystal has some big bugs, but I have not found any other Reporting program
that comes close.

Mark McCulligh, Application Developer / Analyst
Sykes Canada Corporation www.SykesCanada.com
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> I've got a project that requires lots of "goofy" reports. These reports
> more than a simple html table (which would be nice) that the client wants
> print out on standard 8.5x11 paper. Crystal Reports type of reports. I
> to be able to produce these from PHP scripts and I'm looking for a
> What are people using to accomplish this?
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