I don't have time to actually make the function for you, but I know it could
be easily done with a single function and a double for loop, which could go
through an two-dimensional array of the questions (first element), answers
(next group except last), and the right answer (last element).


$ArrCount = count($Question);

for ($Counter = 0; $Counter < $ArrCount; $Counter++)
    $Que = $Question[$Counter][0];
    $SecArrCount = count($Question[$Counter]);
    // SecArrCount should be the number equal to the last element (answer)
    ?><SCRIPT LANGUAGE="Javascript">function CheckAnswer() {var RightAnswer
= $Question[$Counter][$SecArrCount]; }</SCRIPT><?
    for ($AnsCount = 1; $AnsCount < SecArrCount; $AnsCount++):
    ?><!--Write the HTML code with the PHP variables
($Question[$Counter][$AnsCount]) placed where they're needed--><?

The other loop would then generate a table row kind of like this:

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="Javascript"...>
    function CheckAnswer(str)
        var Answer = <?=$Question[$Counter][$LastElementNum]?>
        if (
$Question[$Counter][0]<..BR..><INPUT.. onChange="CheckAnswer(this.value)">
or <SELECT..><options...

I didn't check to see if any of that stuff worked, but it should give you a
basic idea of what I mean.

In response to one of your e-mails to me (for some reason I cannot send
e-mail right now, but I can post in here): <RE: [PHP] Generating word
documents based on fields in a browser>

I would think so, and with all of the functions with PHP it might be easier.

I had some trouble making up a template language in ASP, but in PHP it would
be quite easy because of the vast amount of built-in functions.  You might
be able to fiddle with the exec(); function to start up programs on a
Windows server, but don't take my word for it.

"Henning Sittler" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Speaking of forms, and I'm sure lots have asked this before me, but anyone
> know anywhere I can go to see some examples or existing code for
> automatically generating and and validating dynamic forms?
> Wait though, I'm already doing this myself.  To explain further, what I
> really want is an abstract set of php functions to say, ok, I want another
> form with say 10 questions, and I want to define each question and set of
> possible answers (input types and ranges) manually, and have the action
> script automatically check that the input types and ranges for each
> are valid.

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