On Thu, Jul 11, 2002 at 02:11:30PM +1000, Martin Towell wrote:
>> From: Chris Earle [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
>> I was wondering if there was a function that would allow me to "jump" 
>> to a certain line if a file and then write from there?  I'm searching 
>> php.net without any luck :(.
> I dodn't know of any single function that does what you want, but you can do
> this:
> $contents = file($filename);  // each line has it's own array position
> $contents[$line] = $newline;

That's nice, except you could start overwriting existing data.

If you're only interested in appending to the end of a file, then use 
   $fp = fopen('filename', 'a+');
and fputs() all you want.

But, if you want to stick stuff into the middle...

   #  Real process uses file(),
   #  but for test, set Content manually.
   $Content[] = 'The start of the content array.';
   $Content[] = 'Some more stuff.';
   $Content[] = 'And yet more stuff.';

   $Location = array_search('Some more stuff.', $Content);

   $New[] = 'Why, here is some new stuff';

   $Final = array_merge(
      array_slice($Content, 0, $Location + 1),
      array_slice($Content, 0 - (count($Content) - $Location - 1))

   #  In your process, you'll really want to insert
   #  implode('', $Final)  into the file with fputs(),
   #  but, hey, this is a demonstration.


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