y m i getting this error???? can ne 1 help me out????

Parse error: parse error, expecting `')'' in
/home/test/public_html/mp3/music.php3 on line 10

function ConvertBin($Binary)
/*  global extract($GLOBALS);*/

//This function converts a binary byte into an ASCII byte.
  for ($i=1; $i<=strlen($Binary); $i=$i+1)
  return $function_ret;

//Specify the folder to iterate through, displaying all the MP3s

//Grab the folder information
// $objFSO is of type "Scripting.FileSYstemObject"


//Create the Stream object
// $objStream is of type "ADODB.Stream"


//Loop through the files in the folder
foreach (;
// unknown filesystem method as $objFile)
//Open the stream
} $Open;

//Read the last 128 bytes

//Read the ID3 v1 tag info
if (strtoupper($strTag)=="TAG")


//Display the results
print "<table><tr><td colspan=2><h3>".
"ID3 Tag info for:</td></tr><tr>".
"<td colspan=2>".$objFile.$Name."</td></tr>";
print "<tr><td><b>Artist: </b></td>".
print "<tr><td><b>Track: </b></td>".
print ;


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