>I just tried performing a search on http://chatmusic.com/venues.htm 
><http://chatmusic.com/venues.htm> .
>All I did was supply my zipcode. I didn't change/supply any other information. 

My trial just took 15 seconds, and that's pretty damn slow...

I don't recall it being that slow though.

And the original page took far too long to come up as well, so I suspect
there's something wrong somewhere...

The load is around 1.25 which is not so hot...

>The search was really slow. I wanted to ask you what you would attribute 
>the slowness to.
>What is your architecture? 

I'm on a shared $20/month server...

uname -a gives me:

OpenBSD o2 2.9 conf#0 i386

But I don't even know how to get the /proc/sysinfo or whatever it is under
this OS...

If you know how to get more info out of this box, I'll give it a shot,

I sure wouldn't base any kind of performance data on the output from that
site though -- It's hardly a dedicated server or anything like that.

And I suspect the server is under abnormally high load or something, cuz
it's not usually *that* slow...

I've never even really tried hard to optimize this thing, once I got it to

There aren't that many users hitting the page that often...

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