It might be easiest to have:

----------- default.asp ----------------
 ' Some ASP I've forgotten that redirects to

And your real site, on port 8080, served up by Apache, will be fine, so long
as the links are absolute, and httpd.conf is configured correctly.  All the
links/IMG/etc will "stay" on 8080 unless you have an absolute URL in there.

>I will probably do this the other way round as we have a few sites...
>so if i have a single file with a frame and point contents of frame to 
>apache this should work?
>> I have Apache and  IIS coexisting on my intranet server and 
>> the way I set
>> them up was to put each on a different port. (Apache serves 
>> http://intranet
>> and IIS serves http://intranet:8080) this appears to work 
>> fine. Hope this
>> helps
>> OK following from my thread 'Browser Issues' I have found 
>> that when serving
>> the site from apache, that the aforementioned errors go 
>> away... mostly...
>> OK so... What is the best way to setup so that IIS/Apache co-exist...
>> I'd like to keep the 'entry' to the site on IIS as we have other sites
>> too... and use apache to serve the content of it.
>> Any help mucho appreciated... also working to a deadline!

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