>I'm using a Zebra label printer in an application I have and in order to 
>display an image on the label, according to the ZPL II printer language, 
>any image must be converted to HEX code. Does anyone hvae a code snippet or 
>know of a free utility that will take a graphic image (BMP, GIF, JPG, 
>etc...) and convert it to HEX values?

Something not unlike this may work...

  $image = 'sample.bmp';
  $file = fopen($image, 'r') or die("Could not open $image");
  while ($file && !feof($file)){
    $chunk = fread($file, 1000000); # You can affect performance altering
this number. YMMV.
    # This loop will be dog-slow, almost for sure...
    # You could snag two or three bytes and shift/add them,
    # but at 4 bytes, you violate the 7fffffff limit of dechex...
    # You could maybe write a better dechex that would accept multiple bytes
    # and use substr...  Maybe.
    for ($byte = 0; $byte < strlen($chunk); $byte++)){
      echo dechex(ord($chunk[$byte]));

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