>>   class test {
>>     function test() {
>>       $globals['test2'] = &$this;
>>     }
>>   }
>>   $test1 = new test();
>> The problem hier is that $globals['test2'] is a copy of 
>> $globals['test1'] not a 
>> references.
>Use "$GLOBALS" rather than "$globals"

I think he's building his own "pool" of objects for object-management in
$globals, rather than trying to set the value of $test2...

And mucking directly with $GLOBALS is morally wrong :-)

global $test2;
$test2 = &$this;

if that's what you wanted to do, which I don't think it is.

Of course, you *will* need:

global $globals;

if you expect this code to do anything useful.

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