>> Do you remember to reload the page after the cookie is sent? (some 
>> browser cant see the cookie at the page it sent but first after it 
>> have been reloaded!).
>Actualy this is not browser issue but PHP issue

No, that's just how cookies work.

PHP can't get a cookie from the browser before you send it.

In slow-motion:

1. Browser asks for URL
2. PHP sends cookie to browser
3. PHP sends HTML page to browser
4. Browser renders page.
5. User clicks to new URL
6. Browser sends cookie with request for new URL
7. PHP gets cookie with request for new URL

PHP *CANNOT* get a cookie the browser never got, and thus never sent back,
until step 7.

Oh yeah:
The stuff about using time/directory is an IE bug.
You can supply *BOTH* time and directory, but not just time.
This is not the way the Cookie spec reads, but Microsoft never reads specs
properly, much less implements them properly, mostly on purpose.

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