Hi David,

Your question has seen much debate in this newsgroup. I had much the same
problem and solved it by writing the following function:

 * wrapper for header( "Location: url" )
function redirect( $url, $showMoved=false ) {
  // set refresh to target $url
  header( "Refresh: 0; url=$url" ) ;

  // show page has moved
  if ( $showMoved ) {
    echo "<html><head><title>Moved to $url</title></head><body><p>This page
has moved to <a href=\"$url\">$url</a>.</body></html>" ;

  // exit current script
  exit ;

Since it doesn't use header( "Location: ..." ) you are able to write your
cookies before you redirect. It's about the most elegant solution to your
problem, short of redesigning your pages. Of course, I have noticed that if
you don't supply the html ($showMoved) Opera chokes. IE and Netscape seem to
handle it fine and I haven't tested Mozilla yet.

Hope it helps!

"David Busby" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> List,
> I'm trying to set a cookie like this:
> <?php
> function redirect() {

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