I've just compiled PHP 4.2.1 with Apache 1.3.24 on RedHat 7.2. Everything
works just fine as usual. I've got a couple of queries, however.

I compiled with the --enable-magic-quotes option, then figured this was a
bad move as I've been caught out before with scripts that assume it is
on. So, I copied the php.ini-recommended file to php.ini, and now
phpinfo() tells me that magic_quotes_gpc and magic_quotes_runtime are off.

So, does compiling with --enable-magic-quotes have any effects if magic
quotes are turned off in php.ini? Are they "really" off?

Can all "--enable-whatever" options be turned on/off in php.ini,
regardless of ./configure options?

Does the "-with-config-file-path" option set the expected path to php.ini
(I always thought it was to Apache)? How come PHP still works whether the
file is there or not?


Michael Hall     [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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