Well, my attempts at getting discipline for Erik Hegreberg will have to 
go unfinished for now. I guess a list admin would have to retrieve the 
original headers from Erik's original posts -before- they hit the 
mailing list software and got new headers and distributed. Any list 
admins out there want to help with that?

Seems kind of silly - if they keep e-mail transaction logs and they 
know the e-mail account of Mr. Hegreberg, they should be able to 
correlate my complaint. Oh well, 'twas a valiant effort!

Thanks everyone yesterday for sending me those headers.

In any case, here's the response from [EMAIL PROTECTED] (apparently the 

Dear mr. Soza,

At 11:27 10.07.2002 -0800, you wrote:
>It appears that you do have the full headers of the message in 
>question, as they appeared on my machine. Since Mr. Hegreberg was 
>sending these messages to a mailing list, the headers mostly show the 
>mailing list information.

The headers you sent did not contain the necessary information. It 
seems the mailing-list strips away the important part of the headers, 
so that none of the headers you've received are sufficient.

We recommend that you contact the list administrator and ask if he/she 
can fix the problems with headers being removed, and if he has the 
original headers so that we can track down the users.

Consultant-ID 23
Abuse Response Team, Telenor Business Solutions
Email: [EMAIL PROTECTED]    Fax: +47 22 77 19 98
http://www.online.no/abuse (Norwegian only)

Jason Soza

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