On Thu, Jul 11, 2002 at 02:29:11PM +0200, vins wrote:
> Hi... I've just checked out a script from hotscripts.com that send email 
> from and smtp server...

The mail() does exactly the same....  Nothing fancy about it.

> I've managed to say the email has come from a server that doesn't exist
> but the email can still be traced...

Care to show the headers?  I'm just curious as to how the messages are
actually produced.  You have to keep in mind, that by doing something like 
this, the chances are really good that the majority of your email will NOT
be delivered to its final destinations.

Allot of SMTP servers does quite a bit of sanity checking on the headers
received from an email message.  They must, for example, include proper
Received By (which is what is used for tracking the email), To:, From:, 
BCC:, etc headers.  Without these, or with malformed headers, many SMTP 
servers will reject and bounce the email.  You'll need to be *very* carefull
in doing something like this.

If you don't understand in very much details how SMTP works, and how SMTP 
servers delivers email, I'd suggest you do not attempt to tamper with it.
> is there know way to build a php smtp server ?

PHP can't run a script in a daemon that I am aware of, so the short awnser is
definately no.  If you want a PHP script to simply send a message to a SMTP 
server, then sure, there is the mail() function, or you can open a socket
to port 25 of the mail server.  However, as I stated above, if you do not
include proper headers (which identifies the email and make the email 
trackable), most SMTP servers will immediately reject the email.


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