Would it be that it takes time to connect to a table if
it is in use?
"Kondwani Spike Mkandawire" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hallo folks:  (Sorry for a repost on the same topic just
> that my first one never got through)...
> I have a bit of an issue with Paradox Table Searching...
> I have a fairly large table (4MB+), here is the problem:
> When I run a search for an element in the Table on
> my localhost which is running Apache and php 4.1,
> I have no issues with speed...  However when I run it
> on the Server at my work place, which is running IIS
> Server (I am not sure which version), and the same
> PHP version on my Workstation it takes ages to execute...
> I have gotten suggestions and have revised my Script
> over and over using odbc_exec() with SQL commands
> SELECT myColumn FROM myTable, I have used
> a COUNT SQL command suggested on this forum,
> My general algorithm is as follows...
> 1)  I create an Array using odbc_fetch_array this Array
>      contains one column from the Table I am searching...
> 2)  Keep trying to matchup each element in the array
>      against the validation element being checked...
>      returning found within a sequential loop...
>      and eventually "Not Found"...
> 3)  I suppose the sequential loop is whats killing me,
>       but the table is not ordered hence I am forced to
>       do a sequential search..  Does anyone else have
>       an idea for a quicker and much more efficient
>       algorithm...
> Once again the issue of Speed is a non-factor on
> my local machine running Apache but it does become a
> factor when I run it on our Server, which is running an
> IIS Server...
> Thanks in advance...
> Kondwani

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