On Thu, Jul 11, 2002 at 08:59:28PM +0100, Chris Hewitt wrote:
> I have not responded to this before as I have not used EMBED or OBJECT 
> tagss but I have used Manuel Lemos's smtpclass-2002-05-13.tar.gz and 
> mimemessage-2002-06-08.tar.gz which are intended for html email. They 
> are on phpclasses.org and easy to find.

I just had a look through some of my source....  Here's what I use.. 

   * Title.........: HTML Mime Mail class
   * Version.......: 1.26
   * Author........: Richard Heyes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
   * Filename......: html_mime_mail.class
   * Last changed..: 25/06/2000

A simple search on google / phpclasses.org should reveal the tarbal.


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