> Richard Lynch wrote:
>> You can't upgrade somebody's stupid IE browser to Mozilla just by sending
>> them a new User-Agent header, no matter how attractive a solution it 
>> might seem :-)

LOL sounds like having a supermodel pic sticked on the face of any girl 
you don't like :) Or boy, for what it matters :) Just make sure your 
glue holds properly :) Reality is not *that* virtual, yet...



LoRd, CaN yOu HeAr Me, LiKe I'm HeArInG yOu?
lOrD i'M sHiNiNg...
YoU kNoW I AlMoSt LoSt My MiNd, BuT nOw I'm HoMe AnD fReE
tHe TeSt, YeS iT iS
ThE tEsT, yEs It Is
tHe TeSt, YeS iT iS
ThE tEsT, yEs It Is.......

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