Dan, if you are entering the words in a form, when the variable holding the string 
hits your script do something like this.... (Hey I just figured this out myself too!!!!

Gotta love these lists!!!!!!!!

$tmpStr= whatever the form passes your script
// turn string into an array
// use EXPLODE() to seperate the words into an array
// since they are seperated by a " " (blank space)
$tmpAry = explode(' ',$tmpStr);
// if they were seperated by commas you would write
$tmpAry = explode(',',$tmpStr); // DIG????
// then just use count($tmpAry) to figure out the size of your array
// and you have the number of words!

There might be an easier way than that, but it workes for me.
-Peace dude!!!!!!!!
PS: Thank Andrew Braund for the solution, he sent a varriant of it to me!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's two people you helpes Andrew!
YOU RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- NorthBayShane
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if i remember correctly there was something on word counts posted in the last week or 
or .. maybe even last couple days... have a scroll thru and u will find it :)

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> I have some clients who want to charge a flat rate for words 
> entered, but over a certain number of
> words there is an additional charge, to complicate matters there 
> is an option/addon where you can
> bold the lines, and there is a charge per line, so you have to 
> calculate the total number of lines
> based on character total.
> Anyone know of way to accomplish this, I know that it will have 
> to be done in seperate ways.  but
> does anyone have an idea or two .. hlp 
> thanks,
> dan
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