>> The "alternate syntax" with the colons is passe -- I think 
>> you'd have to dig
>> pretty deep to find a script old enough that uses it for 
>> anything other than
>> demonstration purposes.  (Rasmus?)
>What utter tosh!  *All* my scripts use the "alternative" syntax, as I think
>braces are an eyesore and an abomination, and cause more problems than they

I apologize profusely to the fans of the "alternative syntax" who are still
using it.

I personally find the endxxx; to be more of an eyesore, but that's a
religious argument. :-)

>I've pretty much lost count of the number of times I've seen code written
>like this:
>   if (x) {
>      while (y) {
>         ...
>      } // end while
>      ...
>   } // end if

Never in my code.

If you can't tell from the logic structure of the code what } matches what
{, you're in trouble from the get-go. :-)

>Another advantage to the alternative syntax is that it can improve error
>reporting (slightly).  Consider the following:

>PHP will tell you you have a syntax error on the very last line of your
>file, and you have no option but to go back and laboriously hand match all
>of your braces -- and with each ellipsis representing maybe tens (or even

Don't be ridiculous.  Any decent editor will tell you where the missing { or
} is.  No need to search for it by hand.

Not to mention that if you've indented properly, it's trivial to find it,
even in something as ill-suitable for Programming as NotePad.

>Now PHP will throw an error at the endwhile, because it knows there's an
>endfor missing -- and you've already cut out a large chunk of your code to
>check; better yet, as you're checking you can see at a glance what each
>"end" should be matching.  And every "end" has to be there, too -- no
>cursing yourself for that lazy day when you left out a few comments on some
>"unimportant" closing braces!

None of my closing braces have comments.  I never have a problem with
"missing" ones.


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