>Hi... I've just checked out a script from hotscripts.com that send email 
>from and smtp server...
>I've managed to say the email has come from a server that doesn't exist
>but the email can still be traced...
>is there know way to build a php smtp server ?

If you want to build an SMTP server using PHP, go ahead.


However, at some point, your SMTP server has to send the email to another
SMTP server if you want it to go somewhere.

That SMTP server will record where the email came "From" in the email

Best you could do would be to forge a bunch of headers "before" those, and
then choose randomly from the open relays so that nobody can figure out
which is the common mail server doing the forgery.

Even then, it's only a matter of time before a determined sysadmin could
find you and hunt you down.

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