>I compiled with the --enable-magic-quotes option, then figured this was a
>bad move as I've been caught out before with scripts that assume it is
>on. So, I copied the php.ini-recommended file to php.ini, and now
>phpinfo() tells me that magic_quotes_gpc and magic_quotes_runtime are off.
>So, does compiling with --enable-magic-quotes have any effects if magic
>quotes are turned off in php.ini? Are they "really" off?

Yes, they are really off.

>Can all "--enable-whatever" options be turned on/off in php.ini,
>regardless of ./configure options?

I think the ones that hard-code compile in, say, MySQL aren't gonna get
turned "Off" in php.ini, although you *COULD* disable every known mysql_xxx

>Does the "-with-config-file-path" option set the expected path to php.ini
>(I always thought it was to Apache)? How come PHP still works whether the
>file is there or not?

If you have no php.ini where PHP expects it, PHP uses the default values
that would have been there if you had copied the file there (unedited) in
the first place.

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