Put quotes around your value

<input name='description' value='Name Badge' ...


<input name='description' value=Name Badge ...

HTML will see the Badge or anything after a space as an extra attribute
to the tag.

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> Subject: [PHP] Displaying Database Results
> I have a php script that queries a MySQL database and I loop through
> results displaying them as follows:
> echo "<td width='100'><input name='description' type='text' size='45'
> maxlength='20' value=".StripSlashes(mysql_result($badgedetails, $i,
> 'descr'))." tabindex='1'/></td>";
> The problem is that as per the example above, the text displayed is
> but it should be "Name Badge". With all my fields, the text is
> OK
> until it hits a space. Why does this occur?
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